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We wear several different hats around here, well, actually, to be honest, we don't even own a hat. We do however have our calloused little fingers in a variety of musical pies, from writing and producing to being an Ascap music publisher and it is in that capacity that we maintain a diverse catalog of quality songs available for licensing for recording projects, film scores, commercials, videos etc.

Several songs from our catalog can be found here on this page while many others can be found by visiting our YouTube channels, One and Two . And in keeping with the casual nature of the way we do things around here, (we've actually done deals on a handshake...) all licensing fees are negotiable, and we are delighted to work with independent labels, artists, producers and film makers.

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I Wish Every Day Was Christmas

Inspiring, melodic, jazz tinged Christmas number destined to become a holiday classic.

When Love Alone Is Blind

Easy listening/AC styling ala Barbra Streisand, Diana Krall, which tells the timeless tale of unrequitted love.

Too Long Lonely

Mid-Tempo, roots rock guitar laced "story" song, distinct and infectiously radio friendly.

Moonlight On The Water

Near surreal easy listening ballad built upon soothing piano track with female vocal.

Don't Do Me Outloud

Uniquely structured blues number tastefully layered in guitar and piano.

Without a doubt our proudest accomplishment around here,
is our little holiday ditty...
I Wish Every Day Was Christmas.
Recorded by several artists thus far, it also appeared in the full length, family feature film,
Adventures of Bailey: Christmas Hero.

Here, it is performed live by its author and composer, Gary Davis at the Muscle Shoals Songwriter's Showcase.

I Wish Every Day Was Christmas (Live)

Gary Davis performing, "She Said", or, what he likes to refer to as his,
Musician's Guide To True Love
live at the
Muscle Shoals Songwriter's Showcase

Video courtesy of Beat Magazine

You can visit Gary's personal website by clicking here.
Warning: It can get a bit crazy around there at times...
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Something Old, Nothing New

In the beginning, there was the single. Modern recorded music was born of a song, well, two songs actually, the "hit", and the "B-side". With little pretense, they were recorded as such, marketed and distributed as such and sold in retail outlets as such. Albums, were for photographs. Radio stations played these singles, music fans bought them, originally ordering them through mail order outlets then later flocking to record stores when they began to spring up. Life was simple, and usually, just under 3 minutes long. You got what you paid for. Continued...

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